MyMopar - Mopar Forums & Information - 1969-1974 Mopar Fender Tag Decoder . Move over, professionals are racing ... ,2013Avengerblacktop,.1964 Dodge440Hemi.1969 DodgeA100pickup,1947Dodgefargotruck,1976 Cordoba. 2011Chrysler200.1966D100 1967 power wagon.1999Prowler Not enough space to list all the Chrysler products I have owned. old school rap album covers; arborcraft tree service; how to turn off motion photo samsung s10; trenton birth certificate address; clueless x reader; home sweet home kalamazoo; idaho falls building permit fees. 2022. 6. 4. · The 1967 Plymouth body data plate decoder enables you to discover the vehicle's build information including paint color, body style and trim. PLYMOUTH ... Click For Larger Image. 1967: Location: On a plate attached to the fender shield under the hood. Read left to right bottom to top. Body Code: Make, Class, Body Style. PX21. 3spd man col shft 1967: 023: 6.95x13 wsw: 062: 383-4bbl-hp: 002: 2 tone paint: 026: d70x14 bsw: 063: 8.55x14 wsw: 002: 3spd man col shift 67: 027: d70x14 wsw: 066: 8.55x14 8 pr bsw: 003: tires 6.50x13" wsw: 028: d70x14 red streak: 068: 8.55x14 8 pr wsw: 003: 4spd man floor shift 67: 031: 273-2bbl: 071: 413-4bbl 1965: 004: 361 2bbl 1964: 032: 273-4-HP: 071: 8.85x14 bsw: 004: frt sway bar 68 ss car: 033: 7.35x14 wsw: 072.

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